The fool behind the mask

Penny-riot Mage

Passibly potent, perchance with a potion, portend of the notion, diving deeper than the ocean.

Why I use a logogriph as a pen name.

Derived from my original thought of 'Entropy Enigma' I began running it through an anagrammer, it is a fascinating piece of wizardry wrapped into one set of characters. Some notable examples are:

  • Penny-riot Mage
  • Meaning Poetry
  • Poignant Emery
  • Empyrean Ingot
  • Inner Game Typo
  • Image'N Pen'O'Tyr
  • (This last one is a stretch but one of my favorites)

Why though? Well it represents the fluidity of my persona, at given moments it changes due to affectations in mental health. While there is a lot to be said on the topic of mental healh, I'm personally diagnosed with "Schizoaffective Bi-polar type". I used to buy into the ordeal and label, until I realized much of the traits can be controlled and redefined to be boons rather than banes, but takes an awful lot of willpower. Medication aside, there's a lot that rests on the shoulders of the individual too. What I am saying is it takes a formative structure and continuous discipline to be a productive member of society beyond simply taking a pill. Some don't escape so easily, and I relate but do not equate. I often fear my brain capacity will go the way of the Dodo bird. This offloading of different mindsets, helps me navigate and avoid the cliff.